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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can reject your resume before it ever reaches human eyes. Even if it does get into the hands of a human for viewing, most are scanned and rejected within 6 seconds. I’ll get the employers you seek to look deeper into your talents.

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Why Refresh Your Resume?
Learn LinkedIn Fast Jobseekers, the resume alone doesn’t cut it anymore. What else can you do? Experts suggest building yourself a personal website…And crafting multiple resume versions…Oh, and numerous cover letters…Maybe even blogging about your job seeking experience…This is, of course, on top of the job of finding a job. C’mon. Let’s get real about the role of the modern resume: The only information that matters is what the recruiter actually reads. The rest is filler…fluff, if you will. Not to you, of course. You’ve worked hard for your accomplishments. But recruiters review a gazillion resumes daily…and because of ATS usage, your resume may never even be seen by human eyes. So what does a recruiter look at, if your resume passes the ATS? Your name, titles you’ve held, companies you’ve worked for, start and end dates of those positions, and your education. And they do it in 6 seconds. This is the goal of the Resume Refresh©, to get those eyeballs on the page and looking more deeply at your talents. Because the LinkedIn profile and the resume work so well together to help you land that dream job, my skills and talents beautifully complement your own. From layout and typos to formatting, tweaking, action-building and keyword optimization, your resume is revitalized to better match how recruiters actually see it. Let’s work together to refresh your resume. Send it to me for a no-cost review, and I’ll tell you exactly how I can help.